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12v Water Pump Black

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12v Water Pump Black

Product Code: DZ-GWH-PUMP-43-BK


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Product Description

Portable 12V Water Pressure Shower Pump
The shower pump can run at 35 psi with a flow rate of 4.3 litre/min to delivery
high pressure and stable water for a variety of applications.

* Easy to install and operate
* Excellent performance and long life
* Built-in check value
* Self-priming
* High stable pressure
* Corrosion resistant
* Energy saving
* Overpressure protection
* Multiple uses

* Voltage: 12V
* AMPS: 3.5 max.
* Flow: 1.1GPM (4.3LPM)
* Press: 35PSI
* Self-primming: Within 1.2m
* Run dry: Yes

Package Contents
1 x 12V Water Pump

Package Information

Item Length (cm) 19.5
Item Width (cm) 11
Item Height (cm) 6.5

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