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Artificial Geranium Hanging Bush With Red Flowers 60cm

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Artificial Geranium Hanging Bush With Red Flowers 60cm

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Product Description

A beautiful artificial flowering plant that can be used in so many spaces that need a touch of green with a hint of colour.

Red Flowering Fake Geranium Bush

The elegant red flowers and stunning green leaves make this a charming plant for hanging off a balcony, potting up or creating your very own hanging baskets. Geranium plants are typically sun-hungry, water-loving plants found in tropical environments, yet this faux flowering plant won’t require any sun or water – just your own enjoyment.

This flowering artificial geranium bush is ideally designed for indoor use and has a range of small red flowers that look life-like.

Package Content

1 x Artificial Geranium Hanging Bush with Red Flowers 60cm

Package Information

Item Length (cm) 20
Item Width (cm) 20
Item Height (cm) 30

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