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Weather changes or natural debris can cause wear and tear on your car. At Wholesales Direct, we offer durable carport kits for great versatility and coverage to vehicles of different sizes.

You can choose from a range of height extensions, styles, and colours to get the right option for your specific needs. Learn more about our carports and what they can do for you.

High-Quality, Wholesale Carport Kits Can Benefit You

We provide wholesale metal carports that are both appealing and functional based on your storage requirements. Wholesales Direct offers various types of carports:

  • Single carports
  • Double carports
  • Excel carports
  • Skillion flat roof carports
  • Gable roof carports

When you purchase our carport and carport kits, you get the following benefits:

Long-Term Protection

Carports protect your vehicles from different elements, such as the sun, rain, or snow. They can also be set up as a protective cover over a seating area or patio.

Our carports are structurally sound and serve well as a portable or temporary shelter. Made from heavy-duty and waterproof materials, they are all built for long-term use.

Flexibility and Versatility

A carport kit is one of the most flexible and versatile structures because it can serve many functions. It is entirely up to you how you want to use it.

Depending on its size, you can decide to move your carport from one area of your house to another. Our wholesale carport kits feature an advanced slot-in design, making them easy to assemble and disassemble.

At Wholesales Direct, we make setting up incredibly easy. You have everything you need in our carport kit, including step-by-step instructions, complete accessories, base, and anchors.

Value for Money

Wholesales Direct offers the lowest prices on our wholesale metal carports without the retail mark-up. We purchase in bulk shipments to obtain better prices for our customers.

Our products are directly sourced from manufacturers to eliminate expensive brick and mortar costs. This means more savings for our valued customers, like you.

Get the Best-Priced Carports and Carport Kits Today

Whether you’re looking for single or double sizes with colour-coated steel on roof panels, get the best discount on our carport kits today. Explore your various carport options.

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