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Full Size 4/4 Natural Wooden Beginner Violin Set Brown

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Full Size 4/4 Natural Wooden Beginner Violin Set Brown

Product Code: DZ-VIOLIN-44-CH

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Product Description

Violin Set

This Violin Set is ideal for beginners who would like an easy start in learning and playing a violin. It is also great for intermediate players who enjoy jamming with couple of friends. The set comes with bow, rosin, chin rest and a hard case for protection and mobility. Made of quality wood and in beautiful colour and polish, it would make a perfect gift for someone who is passionate about music and looking for an elegant piece of instrument. Whether you like playing classics on your own or jamming freestyle with a group, the choice is totally yours.

*Note for first time players: please attend learning lessons as you may not be able to play any sounds if you have never played a violin in the past. Please also note that you will need to apply rosin appropriately, please seek advice from your teacher.


* Full size 4/4 violin
* Wooden body structure
* Hard wood fingerboard
* Maplewood head
* Natural colour
* Beautiful polish
* Overall violin dimension: 58.5 (L) x 21 (W) x 3.5 (H) cm
* Accessories Set:
o Hard case for protection and mobility
o Bow
o Rosin in case
o Chin rest
o Strings
o Bridge
* Minor installation required. Please connect the bridge carefully to the strings

Package Contents

* 1 x Violin
* 1 x Hard Case
* 1 x Accessory Set


Package Information

Item Length (cm) 82
Item Width (cm) 32
Item Height (cm) 15