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Greenfingers Greenhouse Aluminium Green House Garden Shed Greenhouses 3.08x2.5m

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Greenfingers Greenhouse Aluminium Green House Garden Shed Greenhouses 3.08x2.5m

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Product Description

3.08 x 2.5M Polycarbonate Aluminium Greenhouse

Our aluminium greenhouse has an internal volume of 17.4m³ and has am3.08ple space for a considerable number of plants and vegetables. It features a 4mm thick twin-wall UV-resistant polycarbonate panel construction that allows up to 90% light transmission and reduces the risk of plant burn. The aluminium framework is rust-resistant. Two adjustable roof vents ensure good air flow and moisture while an effective gutter system facilitates smooth drainage. The double doors are also lockable for security.


* Unbreakable 4mm double-walled PC panels
* Sturdy rust-resistant aluminium frame
* Aluminium frame base
* Lockable door
* Double doors
* Gutter system
* Easy to install


* Material: Aluminum and PC
* Overall dimensions: 308cm x 250cm (includes gutter system)x 226cm (L x W x H)
* Panel thickness: 4mm
* Vent size: 60cm x 58cm
* Door size: 110cm x 180cm
* Capacity: 17m³
* Ground surface area: 7.39m²
* Wall Height: 158cm

Package Content:

1 x Aluminium Greenhouse
1 x User Manual

Package Information

Item Length (cm) 189
Item Width (cm) 26
Item Height (cm) 56.988

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