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Lush Flowering White Hydrangea Stem 35cm Uv Resistant

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Lush Flowering White Hydrangea Stem 35cm Uv Resistant

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Product Description

Flowering Faux White Hydrangea Steam – 35cm Long x 15cm Wide.

A simple yet colourful plant, this artificial hydrangea has superb lush white flowers and can be easily added into a green wall, placed by itself or made into a floral arrangement.

This stunning hydrangea plant boasts subtle white flowers with exceptional detail you’d be hard-pressed not to love.

With immaculate flowers this plant is the perfect choice for adding a touch of colour to a floral arrangement, potted arrangement or to simply have on its own.

Package Content

1 x Flowering Faux White Hydrangea Steam

Package Information

Item Length (cm) 20
Item Width (cm) 20
Item Height (cm) 35

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