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Stainless Steel Kitchen/laundry Sink W/ Strainer Waste 390 X 450mm

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Stainless Steel Kitchen/laundry Sink W/ Strainer Waste 390 X 450mm

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Kitchen/Laundry Sink w/ Strainer Waste 390 x 450mm

The look and feel of our designer-worthy Hand Made Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is simply mesmerizing. A lead-free and food-grade construction with a silky smooth satin finish and a contemporary square-shape bowl that oozes class and sophistication. The bowl also features a unique X-flume design to facilitate quick flows whilst the R0 square corners render a modern look that鎶?also easy to clean and maintain.

Everything about it is designed to last: anti-condensation paint, mould-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Five sound deadening pads are also built in to help reduce water splashing noise. Not least, a heavy duty 304 standard stainless steel waste strainer is included.

Perfect for use in the kitchen or even in the laundry room with a choice of drop in, flush or under mount installation, our Hand Made Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink will not disappoint any discerning home proud owner. Order yours today.

Beware: Some sellers may falsify their 201 Stainless Steel waste strainer as 304 Stainless Steel. In fact, 201 Stainless Steel is not food-safe and will rust easily. Always look for authentic 304 Stainless Steel construction when shopping for kitchen for appliances and furnishings.

* Handmade stainless steel sink
* Lead-free and food-grade
* Perfect for kitchen and laundry room
* R0 square corners
* Heavy duty 304 stainless steel (ISO9001:2000) construction
* Satin coated
* Anti-condensation paint, mould-proof and moisture proof
* 5 sound deadening pads to reduce noise
* X flume design
* Waste strainer included
* Clips and cut out template included
* Suitable for drop-in, flush mount and undermount
* RoHS-certified
* 5 years warranty

* Material: Stainless Steel 304 (ISO9001:2000)
* Finish: Satin
* Overall dimensions: 45 x 39 x 20.5cm
* Bowl dimensions: 40 x 34 x 19.5cm
* Thickness: 1.2mm
* Waste strainer inner diameter: 11.4cm

Package Content
1 x Stainless Steel Sink

Package Information

Item Length (cm) 51
Item Width (cm) 44
Item Height (cm) 29

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