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Trap Humane Possum Cage Live Animal Safe Catch Rabbit Cat Hare Fox Bird

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Trap Humane Possum Cage Live Animal Safe Catch Rabbit Cat Hare Fox Bird

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Product Description

If pesky pests have invaded your home or property, you need a way to get them out. Instead of calling an expensive pest control company, try this humane trap by Randy & Travis Machinery. It safely captures the pest without hurting it, giving it a second chance at life – somewhere other than on your property. Simply bait the trap, set it, and wait until your unwanted ‘guest' arrives. The trap's spring-loaded access door and automated lock ensure that the animal will stay captured until you set it free.

Made from galvanised, rust-resistant iron wire, this trap features a strong handle that allows you to carry the trap with the animal inside safely to its destination. After you set the animal free, just clean up the cage, collapse it, and stow it away until you need it again. Before you use it, though, check with local regulations to make sure that trapping and releasing pests are allowed under the law. It's large enough to catch a fox, but it works equally well with smaller animals, such as squirrels and hares as well. Don't wait until pests have made your home their own.

Features and specifications:
Material: Galvanised, rust-resistant iron wire
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: 66 x 23 x 25cm (L x W x H)
Thickness (cage wire) 2.5mm
Thickness (support wire) 4.0mm
Thickness (frame) 5.0mm
Thickness (handle) 3.0mm
Collapsible or easy storage
Captures pests alive and unhurt
Spring-loaded door with automatic lock
Rear lock

Package Content:
1 x Trap Humane Possum Cage Live Animal Safe Catch Rabbit Cat Hare Fox Bird

Package Information

Item Length (cm) 76
Item Width (cm) 27
Item Height (cm) 5

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