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ULTRA 3048mm Pallet Racking 18 Space Package - Dexion Compatible

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ULTRA 3048mm Pallet Racking 18 Space Package - Dexion Compatible

Product Code: 3xBAYS-3048MMX848MM
  • Brand New Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
  • All frames are 838mm Deep and 3048mm High
  • All beams are 2591mm x 100mm
  • 2 Pallet widths per shelf (with room to spare)
  • Each shelf has a UDL capacity of 2400 kg
  • Includes all dyna bolts, foot plates, beam safety pins, nuts/bolts as well as safety signs per OH&S regulations


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Product Description

4 x Uprights at 3048mm High x 838mm deep

12 x Beams - Length 2591mm capacity up to 2400kg per pairs

24 x Locking Safety Connectors for Beams

8 x Base Footplates with Dyna bolts

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DEXION compatible, can be added or integrated with existing Dexion pallet systems.

Manufactured in accordance to AS 4084-1993 (Australian Standard for steel storage racking)

Dimensions: Constructed 3 bays – 8200mm (L) x 3048mm (H) x 838mm (D)

Construction: Heavy duty steel, powdered coated

ULTRA pallet racking is the popular blue-and-orange HEAVY DUTY racking system which is compatible with Dexion. Range from 2.5m High up to 5.5m High, it’s not hard to find a suitable racking system to fit in your warehouse. If you’re new to this, feel free to talk to our staff or visit our warehouse for inspection. Our friendly experts will advise you from A to Z , it’s simple than you thought.

ULTRA Pallet Racking is Brand New and has been tested by Monash University, so buy with confident and rest assured that our pallet racking system is safe & trusted. And good thing: we included all accessories you need for set up + pre-assembled sample for your set up reference on request.

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SKU                      Description                                                 Capacity                                 
2438mm High x 838mm       9000kg   
PR-FRAME3048 3048mm High x 838mm 9000kg
PR-FRAME3658 3658mm High x 838mm 9000kg
PR-FRAME4267 4267mm High x 838mm 9000kg
PR-FRAME4877 4877mm High x 838mm 9000kg
PR-FRAME5485 5485mm High x 838mm 9000kg
PR-FRAME6098 6098mm High x 838mm 9000kg




SKU Description    Capacity
UB1372-3H2850UDL 1372mm internal span 2850kg
UB2591H4T2.4 2591mm internal span  2378kg                                    
UB2591-4H3195UDL 2591mm internal span 3195kg
UB2742H4T2.1 2743mm internal span 2122kg
UB2743-4H2851UDL 2743mm internal span 2851kg
UB3048H4T2.3 3048mm internal span    2309kg
PR-Beam3658-4H2.1T        3658mm internal span                                    2100kg

Compatible with the Keylock system

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