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High Lift 60" Farm Jack with handle keeper Ultra Tools Heavy Duty 4WD

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High Lift 60" Farm Jack with handle keeper Ultra Tools Heavy Duty 4WD

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Product Description

This is a heavy duty high lift jack which is simple to use, easy to clean and highly versatile and efficient. It is designed to a multitude of applications off road and around the home, the high lift jack is a versatile tool that can be used to get your vehicle out of some of the most precarious situations imaginable.

It is ideally suitable for the field equipment and the off-road vehicle suspension, e.g. lifting, pushing, pulling or winching. Additionally, it helps the vehicle to rescue itself when the off-road vehicle is caught in a mud pit, bush, sand or ditch. If used to change a tyre, please ensure you attached the high lift jack to an approved jacking point on the vehicle. Kindly remind the legal safety working load limit is maximum 1050 KGS in Australia.

* High lift jack handle keeper is included.


Hi Lift Jack Features & Specifications:

•   Colour: Red

•   Material: Powder-coated steel

•   Minimum lift height at nose: 110 mm

•   Maximum lift height at nose: 1260 mm

•   Item height: 152 cm

•   Handle length: 95 cm

•   Maximum lifting capacity: 3000KGS

•   Base Dimension: 18cm x 12cm

•   Assembly required: No

•   Great for off-road, especially for lifting, reseating tyre beads, clamping, pulling, pushing and winching if required

•   Low pick up point

•   Safety shear bolt installed

•   High lift jack handle keeper included


Handle Keeper Features:

•   Colour: Black

•   Material: Polyurethane

•   Hold the high lift handle to the upright steel bar and keep it in place when not in use

•   Eliminating rattling during transportation


Jack Base Features & Specifications:

•   Colour: Red

•   Material: High quality Polyethylene

•   Base Size: 29.5cm x 29.5cm

•   Compatible with Jack Base: 19.6cm x 13cm (approx.)

•   Offer extra heavy duty support on the jack and UV resistant

•   Non-slip textured patterns for optimal grip

•   Suits Most Popular Brands Of Hi-Lift Jacks

•   Helps to prevent high lift jack from sinking into the soft ground


Tyre Lift Kit Features & Specifications:

•   Colour: Red

•   Material: Powder-coated steel & polyester webbing straps

•   Base Size: 12.5cm x 8.5cm x 8.7cm (approx.)

•   Lifting capacity: 5000LBS (2273KG)

•   Suitable for 4x4 wheel drive vehicles

•   Powder-coated steel hooks helps to prevent wheel scratching

•   Rubber pad for preventing tyre marking

•   Allow safer and faster lifting


Shovel Holder Features & Specifications:

•   Colour: Powder-coated black

•   Material: Heavy duty 3mm steel

•   Hold both high lift jack & shovel

•   Tightly hold jack and shovel to roof rack with 2 brackets

•   Adjustable mounting holes for bracket and U-Bolt positions

•   2 choice of mounting, either by brackets or U-Bolts supplied

•   2 sizes of U bolts (33mm or 27mm diameter)

•   Front shovel hole diameter: 35mm

•   Rear mount diameter: 45mm

•   Easy to fit to most roof racks

•   All bolts, washers and nuts included

•   Transport your high lift jack and shovel outside your vehicle


*To make your high lift jack into an even more versatile tool, there is a number of accessories specifically designed to be used in a conjunction with it, e.g. jack off-road base, tyre lift kit, shovel holder and mounting bracketing*

Box Details

  • Carton 1 154cm x 24cm x 14cm - Weight:16
  • Carton 2 30cm x 30cm x 7cm - 1.5kg (Jack Base Only)

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