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A minimum 12 month manufacturers warranty is offered (terms below). For some items we even offer a warranty of up to 10 years, so be sure to check.

We will always endeavor to repair or replace faulty goods within their warranty period. Exception may be made in the case of damage to or misuse of the item. This also includes negligent operation, inadequate maintenance, or unauthorized repairs and modifications. Limits of coverage will apply for commercial applications.

Register your warranty

To register your warranty for our items, please retain your proof of purchase for the lifetime of the warranty.
You will also need to obtain/retain the following:
- 1 photo of the complete assembled product
- 1 photo showing a level and flat foundation
- 1 photo clearly showing how the product is fixed to the ground


All warranty claims must first be approved by a Wholesales Direct representative. In the case of repair, you will be required to return the item to one of our nationwide service agents. We will then do our best to repair or replace the item, and get it back to you within a reasonable time frame. Shipping is to be at buyers cost and does not cover wear and tear or consumables.



- Freight damage or missing parts must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery.
- Customization's requested by the customer and provided from us is covered under limited warranty, and covers manufacturing defects only.
- Warranty only covers items for their intended use.
- Your warranty will be void if modifications are made to the original supplied item.
- All steel products are not intended for use within 1000m coastal areas, close proximity to industrial/corrosive emissions or other use cases wheres there is a more than normal risk of corrosion.
- Prior to setup and use, you must read and understand the instructions the whole way through.
- If a parts list is included with your product (Normally in the manual), you must check all the parts are present and provided as intended and fully functioning.

Specific to all structures:
- Setup must be on a flat and leveled surface
- All parts as per the manual must be present before commencement of construction
- The structure must be secured safely at all times, including during the setup process.
- Structures are not recommended to be used in regions other than Region A - CAT 3.0 locations.
- Do not set up the structure in windy, wet, or unfavorable weather conditions as it is unsafe
- You must not exert your body weight on the roof of the structure

Coverage limitations

- Mishandling, misuse, incorrect assembly as per instructions, accidental damage or collision.
- We do not cover damage/loss caused by forces of nature, inclement weather or general wear and tear.
- Proper maintenance and usage must be adhered to in order to enjoy warranty coverage. This includes, proper care and regular maintenance of the product. Wholesales Direct shall review each warranty claim and reserve the right to refuse any claim if the product was not used properly and regularly maintained during the coarse of ownership. 

Any dispute regarding the terms of the warranty and conditions, Wholesales Direct reserves the right to interpret the warranty terms and conditions as they see fit and have the final say as for how to achieve a dispute resolution.

For warranty questions or support please contact us via eMail or Toll Free: 1800 793 783.

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