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EcoPro Aluminium

If you want to buy an aluminium greenhouse in Australia, you cannot go past the range at Wholesales Direct. We stock a wide range of EcoPro aluminium greenhouses in different sizes, making it easy for you to assemble and work on caring for your plants. Our affordable, well-made options are essential for anyone with a green thumb. Browse the full range of aluminium greenhouses online today! Note: recommendation CAT A 3.0 (HIGH to MEDIUM DENSITY SUBURBAN) applies to most of our sheds, carport and greenhouse

Enhance your green thumb with EcoPro aluminium greenhouses

Wholesales Direct proudly stocks the EcoPro range of aluminium greenhouses, offering Australian gardeners a sustainable and enduring solution. Designed to withstand the unique climate conditions in Australia, these greenhouses are not just another addition to your garden; they're an upgrade to your entire gardening experience.

Our aluminium greenhouses come in a range of sizes. Find options as small as 8-feet-wide, 10-feet-wide, right through to 30x10 ft structures. No matter your space, you’ll find an option to fit. All our aluminium greenhouses feature vent openers for improved airflow, aluminium gutters to help with drainage, and updated stainless steel screws to ensure your structure is stable and secure.

The benefits of buying an aluminium greenhouse

Buying an aluminium greenhouse for your plants has a couple of different benefits. Aluminum is a robust, durable material - unlike wooden or plastic alternatives, an aluminium greenhouse won’t rust, rot or degrade when exposed to the elements over time. They don’t require a lot of maintenance because they are corrosion-resistant and have a sleek and modern look, so they can effectively blend seamlessly into any style of garden.

EcoPro aluminium greenhouses are also built more efficiently than a standard aluminium greenhouse. They have an upgraded feature to capture and retain heat more efficiently, which helps extend your growing season and conserves energy in the long run.

Lastly, the range of aluminium greenhouses available at Wholesales Direct is made for easy installation. We attached detailed instructions for every product so you can quickly assemble them without professional help.

Shop the range of quality aluminium greenhouses today

We stock a range of quality gardening equipment aside from our aluminium greenhouses, including portable greenhouses and garden bed kits. Browse the full range online at Wholesales Direct.

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