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EcoPro Greenhouse 28x8 features

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EcoPro Greenhouse 28 x 8ft - 6mm Panels

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Product Description

Our EcoPro greenhouses are a great investment irrelevant of its size and shape, it will provide year long pleasures of gardening the vegetables, flowers and plants of choice that you can use and enjoy as you like. Gardening is also a wonderful hobby that not only relaxes the senses of those that practice it but also gives back to the nature and environment, cleaner, fresher air. Order our EcoPro greenhouse today and make a difference!




  • Premium Aluminium Frame in Green Finish
  • Double sliding door 
  • Come with Four free automatic vent opener (it will close and open automatic to adjust the temperature)
  • Aluminium profiles with Superb green powder coated frame
  • Zinc plated steel (For bottom frame and pegs)
  • NEW UPGRADED Polycarbonate 6mm with UV coating & protect film, ultraviolet radiation proof (For windows and walls)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aluminium Water gutter included
  • Ideal for traditional or modern gardens.
  • Superb Powder coated for long life. Does not tarnish or fade.
  • Suitable for Home Gardeners, Hobby Farms, Traditional or Modern Gardens.
  • Warranty: life time warranty for Aluminium Frame, 2 years for Panels
  • 4x FREE Automatic Openers (Adjustable wax pistons open and close vents based on temperature)
  • Stailness Steel Screw




GreenHouse Dimension (D X W X H)

28 x 8  (8800 x 2438 mm)


Premium Aluminium


Green & Silver

Door Size

920mm (Wide) x 1710mm (High)

Wall Height

1290mm (High)

Advanced Material Design   -  100% Virgin Polycarbonate


  • Polycarbonate Greenhouse provides over 90% of light transmission to your plants
  • Virtually unbreakable, 200 times stronger than glass
  • Polycarbonate blocks out 99.9% of harmful solar UV, UV protected durable and weather resistant
  • UV protected twin wall UV carbonate sheet is light, strong, safe and easy to handle

Advanced Material

Slotted Channel

Our EcoPro Greenhouses are designed with groove channeled frames for the polycarbonate panels to slot into for extra strength and stability against wind and wear.  The panels are held firmly in place at the bottom with fitted strips that slot into the  lower channels of the base which will save you time and money.

Full side wall bracing

Our EcoPro Greenhouse are fully braced with 90 degree angled aluminium panels of the side wall. These are stronger than flat bracing that give the greenhouse a more solid structure and reinforcement against wind and weather.

Structural Roof Bracing

 Together with side wall bracing, roof bracing of Excel Greenhouse will fully provide an additional strength to the standard roof framing. You’ll be hassle free as your plants would be fully protected all year round.

Solid Galvanized Steel One -piece Based

Our galvanized steel base is manufactured in FOUR SOLID LENGTHS .Some other bases on the market come in six pieces and need an extra peg and bolts to hold them together half way down the side of your greenhouse. When you erect a greenhouse with a base joined together like this, you run the risk of falling victim to bad sagging in the middle of your greenhouse. This will affect the strength of the entire structure. 

Item Actuall Size
8800 x 2438 x 2270 mm

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock


Box Details

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  • AGreenH43M-G-V1.A 1470X260X765mm - 34.4KG
  • AGreenH43M-G-V1.B 2210X220X150mm - 26.4KG
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  • AGreenH43M-G-V1.C 1435X200X170mm - 20.2kG
  • AGreenH43M-G-V1.C 1435X200X170mm - 20.2kG
  • AGreenH43M-G-V1.D 2470X170X160mm - 25kG
  • AGreenH43M-G-V1.D 2470X170X160mm - 25kG
  • ACKits-G-V1 1450X100X120mm - 24.2kG