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Garden Shed 3.5m x 4.35m x 2.1m

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Garden Shed 3.56m x 4.3m x 2.12m

Product Code: TC205


  • Hinged Door With Lockable Latch
  • 10 Year No-Rust Warranty
  • Easy Assembly

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Installation Available. Please call 1800 793 783 for price and details.

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Product Description

All the listed Excel Garden Shed are Brand New. If you need a storage shed, our extensive line of storage sheds are perfect for your garden tractors, garden supplies, pool supplier or tools. These sheds are good for the those who are looking for bargain and functional sheds. We offer best quality sheds in each price range; Budget, Medium and even Premium, just give us a ring.

These sheds are designed with deep profiled ribbed steel sheeting which makes the shed's structurally stronger and provides an attractive, durable quality for year round performance.

All of our Excel Garden Sheds are shipped directly from our Melbourne warehouse using our extensive delivery network we have built over the years so you get it more quickly and safely.

We also provide easy to read, step by step assembly instructions with detailed drawings, which makes the installation process a piece of cake. You can even ask our on staff professional shed builder if you are stuck. This is a genuine, affordable, do-it-yourself storage shed solution.

Advice free of charge for Excel sheds.  Appointments essential.


- Hinged door with lockable latch
- 10 year no-rust warranty
- Design for maximum strength
- Manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting
- Easy assembly
- Extra Personal Access Door


- Colour options: Smooth Cream, Rivergum Green, Grey
- Material: 0.32mm colour steel
- Tube Size: 40mm (W) x 20mm (D)
- Roof Type:  Gable
- No. of Roof Beams: 4
- No. of Frame: 1
- Door Type: Hinged Door
- Door Lock: Lockable latch
- No. of Doors: 2
- Overall Dimensions: 3.56m(W) x 4.3m(D) x 2.12m(H)
- Internal Dimensions: 3.44m(W) x 4.29m(D) x 2.1m(H)
- Foundation Floor: 3.4m(W) x 4.25m(D)
- Ridge height: 2.1m
- Wall Height: 1.8m
- Large Footprint: 14.8m²
- Storage Area: 26.7m³
- Double Door size: 1.66m(W) x 1.75m(H)
- Side Door Size: 0.83m (W) x 1.75m (H) 



- Raised Floor Kit

*Colour difference may appear on different monitors / device.  Final product colour may appear slightly differences.

*Some of the photos are for demonstration only. Please contact us for more information.

Steps for installation as below:

1. Foundation
2. Check parts and read instructions
3. Build walls (rear, side, front)
4. Fixing the doors to the front panel assembly
5. Build the roof
6. Stand up the walls in position on foundation
7. Adding the roof to the shed
8. Last steps including anchoring the shed to the foundation


All of our sheds are kit-sets and come with assembly instructions. Our customer service team's shed experts are also on hand via our toll free line, to help if you need it.

Common Questions

  • Deliver to my home?
    Yes we can! And if you're in Victoria, you might qualify for same day delivery! Call us to find out.

  • Easy to set up?
    Yes. All our sheds come with straightforward instructions. If you are unsure, please contact us or your local handyman

  • How long will it take?
    About a day for small kits or two days for large kit garages.

  • What do I need?
    A nice day. Two people. An electric screwdriver and drill bits.

  • What size for the base/slab?
    We suggest concrete slabs to be at least 100mm larger on each side. If in doubt, please feel free to give us a ring.

Box Details

  • Carton 1 182cm(L) x 91cm(W) x 9cm(H) - 82kgs (approx.)
  • Carton 2 182cm(L) x 91cm(W) x 9cm(H) - 64kgs (approx.)
  • Carton 3 215cm(L) x13cm(W) x 12cm(H) - 31kgs (approx.)

From our customers

, 07th April
A good little shed. Easy to put up. Panels are thicker than what I expected. Got the job done for less than half of what I budgeted for
, 18th March
The setup could have been easier if you change the steps you take. Learnt the hard way. When you're building the front and back walls, make sure you put the triangle pieces on when the wall is still laying down on the ground. Was really hard to get the angles to line up once the whole wall was up standing. If you can, only put 1 screw in each side when putting the middle frame into place, then lift the middle frame so it's 20~30mm higher than where you want it to sit before you screw it in place, to avoid a saggy middle roof.
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