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Garage Shed 6m x 3.5m x 2.3m (Gable) Double Barn Door Workshop with 4 Internal Trusses

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Garage Shed 6m x 3.5m x 2.3m (Gable) Double Barn Door Workshop with 4 Internal Trusses

Product Code: CP2007-4

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  • Hinged Door With Lockable Latch
  • 10 Year No-Rust Warranty
  • Comes in Cream, Rivergum and Grey

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Product Description

This garage shed is easy to install and maintain, designed by our Australian Engineer, with a portal frame structure and hardened, durable steel sheets.  So, whether it’s a mancave you are looking to construct or a car you need to keep out of the elements, we guarantee you won’t find better on the market, and because we are a whole seller by trade, you won’t find anything that comes close at such an affordable price.

The structure of the garage is built on a base of four 60x40mm galvanised RHS portal frames, with extra bracing on the front and back portal frames for even more strength where it’s needed.  Coming from a roof truss only design, it is much stronger and will last you years and years.  The wall and roof panels are 0.4mm colour sheets with specially designed vertical ribs which are deeper than what you would normally find, which uses more material and makes the overall structure stronger.  As wholesalers, we know better than anyone that steel is sold by the ton.  We won’t cheap out.  These sheets are heat treated and lab tested for durability of the colour and structure.

The construction is easy with the step-by-step instructions and experts just an email away.  Here are the steps: 1.  Frames, 2.  Walls, 3.  Roof, 4.  Finishing’s.  Just assemble the pieces into parts, and fix the parts in place.  The screws even drill themselves.

The maintenance is straight forward as well.  Dirt and grime are best if hosed off once a year.  Dints can be hammered out.  While we use a high grade, hard steel;  the thickness and hardness ensure that your walls and roof won’t shear or puncture unlike some other ‘harder’, thinner steel.

The garage shed package will include 4 sets of portal frames with steel brackets and 60x40mm RHS tubes, Steel Sheets for your walls and roof, pre-assembled doors, pad bolt, door handle, trusses, anchor brackets, all the self-tapping screws you need + extras, screw caps washers and of course, the step-by-step assembly instructions.


- Hinged door with lockable latch
- 10 year no-rust warranty
- Design for maximum strength
- Ridge Reinforced Walls
- Manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting
- Easy assembly


- Colour options: Cream, Rivergum, Grey (RAL 7026)
- Material:  Hot-dipped, 0.4mm colorbond galvanised steel
- Tube Size: 60mm (W) x 40mm (D)
- Roof Type:  Gable
- No. of Frame: 4
- No. of Roof Beams: 12
- Door Type: Hinged Door
- Door Lock: Lockable latch
- No. of Doors: 2
- Overall Dimensions: 3.45m(W) x 6m(D) x 2.3m(H)
- Internal Dimensions: 3.4m(W) x 5.95m(D) x 2.26m(H)
- Foundation Floor: 3.4m(W) x 5.94m(D)
- Ridge Height: 2.3m
- Wall Height: 2m
- Large Footprint:  20.25m²
- Storage Area: 44.5m³
- Front Double Door Size: 2.47m(W) x 1.95m(H)
- Rear Door Size: 0.83m(W) x 1.95m(H)


- Raised Floor Kit


*Colour difference may appear on different monitors / device.  Final product colour may appear slightly differences. 

*Some of the photos are for demonstration only. Please contact us for more information.

Steps for installation as below: 

1. Foundation
2. Checking the parts and reading the instructions
3. How panels are joined
4. Building the rear wall
5. Building the side walls
6. Building the front walls
7. Fixing the doors to the front panel assembly
8. Building the roof
9. Standing up the walls in position on foundation
10. Adding the roof to the shed
11. Last steps including anchoring the shed to the foundation

Box Details

  • Carton 1202 x 91 x 9cm - 122kg
  • Carton 2197 x 91 x 10cm - 121kg
  • Carton 3249 x 13 x 12cm - 44kg
  • Carton 4202 x 23 x 18cm -50kg

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, 15th March
This is a simple garage. Good enough bare basics for a fair dinkum price.
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